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If you have Scleroderma, please know that you are not alone. There are numerous patients right here within Trinidad & Tobago that have been already diagnosed. Worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of patients. Today, they are all connecting with and supporting each other.

The truth is, the first time most people hear about Scleroderma is when they themselves, a family member, or friend is diagnosed with the disease. There is nothing to fear however, as The Scleroderma Care Foundation aims to provide useful, timely, and relevant information that may be helpful to those diaganosed, which would help develop a much better understanding of the disease, whilst aiding with the more effective management of its complications and symptoms.

To learn more about Scleroderma, start by clicking click here. This section of our site provides information for patients to educate themselves, as well as their caretakers and loved ones, about this disease. We have a number of local specialists which are already treating Scleroderma patients today.

Please remember though, the information provided on this site is intended as your guide. Specific medical advice can only be provided by your health care professional or medical team.